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The pickling of silver while working on it is really important.  The main reason to pickle silver is to clean it in order to solder it.  Often people confuse clean with polished. Polished silver is not clean silver.  This may seem confusing, but let me explain.  After silver has been cleaned in the pickle by […]

Introduction As a jeweler there is a point when buying pre-made clasps for brooches may not work.  The may be too expensive or the wrong size.  Using machine made clasps can be annoying.  At the same time making a clasp can be a bit daunting.  As an experienced jeweler you have all the skills to […]

Introduction Pickle is one of the most important cleaning agents that all metal smiths need if they intend to do soldering.  In previous posts I have written about changing the pickle and creating a pickle jar, but I have not focused on how pickle should be used.  The key things to remember are gold, silver […]