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Introduction Google analytics is a great tool to figure out how your shop is used.  This is important for holidays for two reasons.  First, if you have seasonal items, such as Halloween items or Christmas items.  Second the holiday’s can affect the flow of your data and statistics and you need to adjust your conclusions […]

Some posts will never get traffic.  You can tweet them, optimize the keywords or promote them in forums but for some reasons people are not interested.  These posts are the opposite of the one hit wonder.  And sometimes it is impossible to tell why a post doesn’t move. The key thing to remember is that […]

Roughly a year ago I wrote that the Etsy search engine gave priority to new listings and renewed items, and as a result it gave poor search results and was an ineffective form of advertising.  I termed this Etsy’s 20 cent addiction because it earned the company a short term revenue increase while making shopping […]

Introduction I have coined different words for how different articles attract traffic.  What do I mean by traffic?  I mean the number of visits and page views that a post gets.  One of the most important types for early bloggers is what I like to call the one hit wonder.  Like a song that is […]

Introduction I have a friend who is a talented photographer.  He primarily shoots weddings to make money although his main passion is shooting abandoned buildings around the globe.  He told me that some of his photos are going to be featured in a Hungarian History textbook.  I asked him how much money he was going […]

I remember that when I first loaded my Google Analytics code into my blog I was checking it every day.  The problem is that data from individual days don’t really mean much, especially if your blog is new and not getting much traffic.  This observation is not completely true because national holidays, well promoted posts […]

Google Analytics is one of the best things to happen to small online businesses.  It has taken the wealth of information that websites gather, and which you as a website owner have access to, and turned it into something that normal people can understand.  This information is put into a nifty graphical display that tells […]

Introduction As mentioned in earlier blog entries tags are extremely important to selling on Etsy and to have higher SEO on search engines.  Tags are used in the Etsy search feature to rank items.  You are given the possibility of selecting 14 tags for each Etsy item.  Depending on the item, it can sometimes be […]

Introduction Until Etsy weans itself off its 20 cent addiction for its revenue stream relisting is one of the few ways to generate traffic to your shop.  I am not certain if the traffic to purchase to cost ratio is worth it but in general the more traffic to your Etsy shop is the better.  […]

Why Etsy should allow Pay Per Click advertising in its search.