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The last year has been a humbling process in life.  I finished graduate school (not in the arts), found a job and then moved to a completely new small town in a new State.  Starting a new career and living in a new city combined with no one in my nearby social network meant that […]

Introduction As a jeweler there is a point when buying pre-made clasps for brooches may not work.  The may be too expensive or the wrong size.  Using machine made clasps can be annoying.  At the same time making a clasp can be a bit daunting.  As an experienced jeweler you have all the skills to […]

Introduction Cuttlebone casting is a wonderful and easy casting method.  If you are planning on making small pendants or parts, cuttlebone casting can be done in a small studio in an apartment.  Other methods of casting, such as lost wax and larger cuttlebone casts, require much more equipment and larger space and are not the […]

Introduction Cutting designs in metal has always been a popular form of creating simple yet elegant jewelry pieces.  People often cut the shapes of countries, states, animals, and other items that have personal meaning.  An area that many metalworkers ignore is the metal behind stone settings, but this area is perfect for cutouts.  Some stones […]

A center punch is a necessary tool for a metal smith.  The main use for a center punch is to make it easier to drill holes into metal.  When you order a center punch they come in a set of three.  Now if you take good care of a center punch it can last for […]

Introduction When you shape metal, such as around a mandrel or in a form, it will start to become tougher.  The metal doesn’t feel tougher because your starting to get tried from bending it, it is actually getting tougher because as the metal is formed by the hammer or by bending the bonds start to […]

A Jeweler’s Saw Usability Note: This is a paper I wrote for a class on usability, its not a normal piece for this blog.  I thought it would be fun to share. As tools and interfaces become more complex the concepts of usability goals and user experience goals seem to grow in importance.  However, these […]

A few months ago, I was looking through my entrance keyword phrases on Google Analytics.  Most of the time, these are pretty simple, such as “18 gauge silver sheet” or “cleaning silver.”  Every now and then, I see a keyword phrase that offers me a blog post title on a platter.  In this case, the […]

Introduction One thing that every metal worker has in common from the high-end goldsmith to the steel worker is what to do with left over scrap metal.  The first thing is never throw away scrap!  Ok, maybe copper scrap can be tossed but for silver and most certainly gold keep every possible piece, fleck or […]

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