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Introduction When you shape metal, such as around a mandrel or in a form, it will start to become tougher.  The metal doesn’t feel tougher because your starting to get tried from bending it, it is actually getting tougher because as the metal is formed by the hammer or by bending the bonds start to […]

Introduction Niche items are interesting.  They are something that the majority of the population sees and think “why would I want to buy this?!” On the other hand a minority see’s it and says “I WANT IT NOW!” Ok, that might be little bit extreme but that seems to what happens.  I have had the […]

Introduction Currently in my life I am a part time metal smith and full time student getting my Masters in Library Science.  In one of my early classes we learned about Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Libraries.  The five laws of library science are: 1) Books are for use 2) Every reader his or her book […]

A blog post on the pros and cons of Folksy