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If You’re Selling Full Time Part 1 Measuring your success as a full time operator is interesting.  If you’re a lucky person and a lot of your overhead is covered by a spouse, for example health insurance and rent, then those items can be removed from your costs.   Remember measuring success is subjective; some people […]

Introduction Measuring the success of your online business is not as easy as it seems.  In theory it should be gross amount made, which is the total amount of money you made in a year from which you subtract from your costs for that year.  Then with that number you decide how much must be […]

Introduction As mentioned in earlier blog entries tags are extremely important to selling on Etsy and to have higher SEO on search engines.  Tags are used in the Etsy search feature to rank items.  You are given the possibility of selecting 14 tags for each Etsy item.  Depending on the item, it can sometimes be […]

Introduction Until Etsy weans itself off its 20 cent addiction for its revenue stream relisting is one of the few ways to generate traffic to your shop.  I am not certain if the traffic to purchase to cost ratio is worth it but in general the more traffic to your Etsy shop is the better.  […]

Introduction Currently in my life I am a part time metal smith and full time student getting my Masters in Library Science.  In one of my early classes we learned about Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Libraries.  The five laws of library science are: 1) Books are for use 2) Every reader his or her book […]

Introduction The other day I stumbled upon a forum about Etsy and men.  The forum was started by a male seller interested in determining the number of other male sellers there were on Etsy.  The forum thread died pretty quickly, which may demonstrate that there are not many men selling on Etsy, or maybe they […]

Introduction Dry spells happen in any business.  You can be having steady sales for months then the next month — no action.  This is a dry spell.  For a lot of people in the handmade art market, dry spells are a new kind of phenomenon.  Traditionally most people in the handmade art world only sold […]

Introduction The question of who shops online is a question sellers always ask in order to expand their sales.  A less frequently asked question is what kind of seller are you?  This question is equally important because if you don’t know what kind of seller you are, you will not know how to market yourself […]

The 3 phases of online shopping and how they relate to selling on Etsy

a post exploring what motivates 4 different customer bases for shopping online.