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Some posts will never get traffic.  You can tweet them, optimize the keywords or promote them in forums but for some reasons people are not interested.  These posts are the opposite of the one hit wonder.  And sometimes it is impossible to tell why a post doesn’t move. The key thing to remember is that […]

Introduction I have coined different words for how different articles attract traffic.  What do I mean by traffic?  I mean the number of visits and page views that a post gets.  One of the most important types for early bloggers is what I like to call the one hit wonder.  Like a song that is […]

Introduction I have a friend who is a talented photographer.  He primarily shoots weddings to make money although his main passion is shooting abandoned buildings around the globe.  He told me that some of his photos are going to be featured in a Hungarian History textbook.  I asked him how much money he was going […]

Introduction Niche items are interesting.  They are something that the majority of the population sees and think “why would I want to buy this?!” On the other hand a minority see’s it and says “I WANT IT NOW!” Ok, that might be little bit extreme but that seems to what happens.  I have had the […]