One time I was mailing a ring to my wonderful casters at Race Car Jewelry and I learned a valuable lesson.  The engagement ring I was making had a very expensive stone in it and I wanted to insure the package for the amount of the ring.  Before I went to the UPS store I did my usual routine, I packaged up the item, wrote the address on the envelope and placed the box inside the envelope.

I did package it more thoroughly then I normally would for the casters, the important part is that I sealed it completely.  When I showed up to the UPS store on a Monday afternoon I asked for the amount of insurance I needed and the owner of the franchise, helping a different customer, heard the amount and immediately walked over.  I won’t lie I was bit upset when he asked me to unpack the item, show him the stone and then allow him to take a photo.  Then he asked me to scan the documents proving the quality of the stone for him.  Part of me was put off because he and I knew each other pretty well.

I realized that moment I had been really naive.  And he told me that this is a good idea because if it did go missing this will protect me more.  So I unpacked the item he took a photo we repacked it again placed it into a higher quality security box, shipped it and when I got home I emailed him the documents.

In the future if you have to insure an item in the mail for a more then lets say a thousand bucks make sure that you can show the item to the store owner, bring paper work showing the value and go in the morning when less people are at the shipping location.  This way you can avoid the hassle and keep yourself safer.

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