The last year has been a humbling process in life.  I finished graduate school (not in the arts), found a job and then moved to a completely new small town in a new State.  Starting a new career and living in a new city combined with no one in my nearby social network meant that some things had to be put on hold.

For me, my jewelry making was put on hold.  I had to focus on different goals.  These goals included learning a new job, getting acquainted with a new area and making friends.  All of which are challenging when combined with working full time and without the flexibility of the student life and part time work. .

Putting things on the back burner is fine for a short time.  The difficult stage is when do you put those goals back on the front burner?  I have found it is very easy to keep saying, “I will get back to that next weekend.”

The problem is that it becomes “next weekend” to infinity.  The only solution then is to set a date.  And, fortunately I always have found that after I take a break from the arts I slide back in perfectly fine.

Perfectly fine is not complete accurate.  The knowledge and skills are still there but the strength may disappear.  Those little muscles that have been toned for months may have gone a bit slack.  Before this break I could saw for hours before my hand became weak; now it may be thirty minutes.  In time those muscles will come back.

In addition a break can also give some good distance, causing a fresh look at the style of the types of pieces that I work on or new techniques upon which to focus.  This distance can also create some ideas for marketing and goals for the business side of the jewelry making.  Breaks are sometimes what a jeweler needs.

Just remember to get off the back burner and to work.  Which is what I am going to do right now.

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