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Have a great holidays!  I will be off with my family for the next 10 days so there will be no posts until I get back and it will be the final part of the Ring Series. Michael

Introduction At this point the ring is looking pretty finished, except it is in wax.  The edges are a bit rough but that can be fixed.   And, at this point I am usually behind and bored with working with wax.  Remember once again don’t send pictures of the product to the client until you have […]

Introduction At this phase in making the ring it is a good idea to have the image of the ring nearby.  As stated earlier, don’t show images at this phase to the client, unless they make jewelry themselves.  For most people it is difficult to imagine the final appearance of a white-gold ring in rough […]

Introduction The client did not want a diamond, which was perfectly fine with me.  I do have objectives to blood diamonds and they are hard to avoid.  Another issue with diamonds is that they were not traditionally used in engagement rings.  In the 1930s DeBeers paid Hollywood to make engagement scenes in movies using diamond […]