One of the best uses for a flex shaft is to drill holes.  The first step is to use the center punch to make a spot.  The primary reason that you do this is to make a place where the drill bit can rest.  If you don’t make a dimple with the center punch it is easy for the drill to slide instead of drilling down, which can damage the piece.

After the dimple is made use burr life to lube the drill bit.  Place the piece on a wooden block so you can drill into it.  For safety reasons a couple of things should be followed.  First always wear goggles, things can go flying at any time, ranging from little pieces of wood and metal to entire pendants.  Second use a small piece of wood to hold the piece down, this way if the piece gets caught in the drill your fingers don’t get hurt.

Then rest the tip of the drill bit into the dimple and run it on medium speed.  It should work its way into the piece rather quickly and continue drilling until it goes into the wood.  If you are drilling a long distance you should reserve the direction of the flex shaft and guide out the bit.  For most pieces you won’t have to do this, and even with 18 gauge it’s pretty easy to pull off.

For more information and demonstration watch the above video.

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