Agate Sterling Silver bracelet

I cut the backside of this bracelet this way so I could use the inner part on another piece

Metal smiting and being green is difficult to do.  Part of the problem is metal smiting requires the use of a lot of chemicals and flammable gases.  Now there a few simple things a metal smith can do that will reduce the environmental footprint of the studio.

First, use banana peels, orange peels or a hard boiled egg to patina your work instead of chemicals.  Take your silver work and put it into a plastic baggy with some banana peels and give it a few days to patina.  This is a bit slower then chemical patina’s although it is much more green.

Second, try to buy reprocessed silver instead of recently mined silver.  Reprocessed silver and gold is greener because of the damage silver mining does.  Buying reprocessed silver and gold also avoids modern ethical issues like war zones or labor issues.  This is a major concern with gold mining.

Third, use your scrap silver.  Scrap silver can be used for things like earrings, castings and larger pieces can be used for stone backings.  This way you buy less silver saving money and having less of an impact on the earth.

Keeping your studio green is always a good idea.  It helps protect the planet and makes the world better.  In general try to use less chemicals and use your materials as far as possible.  Being green is everyone’s responsibility!

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