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HereInSmallTownUSA has been using Google Analytics for around 6 months and finds it very useful

Google Analytics is one of the best things to happen to small online businesses.  It has taken the wealth of information that websites gather, and which you as a website owner have access to, and turned it into something that normal people can understand.  This information is put into a nifty graphical display that tells you things like the geographical location of your visitors, entrance paths, entrance keywords and the number of visitors and page views during a certain time period.  With this information it is easier to figure out how to best sell your goods online.

Many website providers will give you some basic statistics but nothing compared to what Google Analytics does.  And this is all free!  I know Google gets a lot of heat over privacy concerns, but Google Analytics displays information in a way that only major corporations could afford a few years ago.  Nonetheless, a person running an Etsy, Folksy, Artfire or personal website to sell handmade goods may not have the tech expertise to understand Google Analytics well.  Personally, I drew some ridiculous conclusions when I first started using Google Analytics. That is where this series comes in.

As I encounter problems or interesting phenomena with Google Analytics, I will write about these issues on my blog under the heading “Putting Google Analytics in Perspective.”  These posts will also focus on how to interpret the data and how to use that knowledge to improve traffic on your blog.  I will use many examples from my own blog to illustrate these points.  Hopefully, this will help readers better interpret Google Analytics data in order to increase their sales.

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