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Google Analytics is one of the best things to happen to small online businesses.  It has taken the wealth of information that websites gather, and which you as a website owner have access to, and turned it into something that normal people can understand.  This information is put into a nifty graphical display that tells […]

Introduction Niche items are interesting.  They are something that the majority of the population sees and think “why would I want to buy this?!” On the other hand a minority see’s it and says “I WANT IT NOW!” Ok, that might be little bit extreme but that seems to what happens.  I have had the […]

Introduction 24 gauge silver sheet is pretty thin.  Actually it is about as thin as you can easily work with.   At about 26 gauge and higher the metal is so thin it kind of becomes like tin foil.  I know some amazing artists who work with very thin gauge silver and produce really amazing work.  […]

If You’re Selling Full Time Part 1 Measuring your success as a full time operator is interesting.  If you’re a lucky person and a lot of your overhead is covered by a spouse, for example health insurance and rent, then those items can be removed from your costs.   Remember measuring success is subjective; some people […]

Introduction Measuring the success of your online business is not as easy as it seems.  In theory it should be gross amount made, which is the total amount of money you made in a year from which you subtract from your costs for that year.  Then with that number you decide how much must be […]