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Emily Wiser Renews and Relists Multiple Items a Day and Is a Full Time Seller

Until Etsy weans itself off its 20 cent addiction for its revenue stream relisting is one of the few ways to generate traffic to your shop.  I am not certain if the traffic to purchase to cost ratio is worth it but in general the more traffic to your Etsy shop is the better.  Many people argue about when is the best time to relist items and how often.

This decision depends on type of seller that you are on Etsy.  Are you selling fulltime online in order to make your living, are you selling part time, or are you just a casual seller trying to cover costs?  This answer should determine how often and when to relist items.

Fulltime Seller

It makes sense for the full time seller to do multiple relisting each day.  These sellers will want to space the relistings out over the day.  They might even use Google Analytics to study when most of their traffic comes and relist during these times.

This type of seller should have a large budget just for relisting.  Many fulltime sellers that I know budget over $100 each month just to relist items in order to keep one item up in the searches at all times.  They will also relist multiples of the same item in order to keep it up in the search results.

Part Time Seller

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Emele is a Part Time Seller and Tries to Renew or List Something Everyday

The part time seller may want to follow the same tactic but toned down.   These sellers may want to relist fewer times each day but they should relist at least one thing each day, especially during busy seasons for their items.

Also, these sellers may want to try and go after better leads, such as twitter or blogging in order to gain customers.  Although these activities are time consuming they are not as costly.  If a seller has time but not money these methods are effective ways to get more customers.

Casual Seller

The casual seller has a different approach to relisting.  For these sellers are most likely have day jobs that are their primary source of income.  It is best to space out relisting items in order to maximize coverage.  However around big sales times of the year, like Christmas or Valentines Day for jewelry, relisting something every day is a good idea.

If you’re a casual seller try not to follow the tactics of fulltime sellers.  It is time consuming and distracting to be constantly listing, renewing and relisting items.  Just let it happen naturally.  At the same time don’t list 5 items within an hour.  Space those items out over a couple of days.


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As a Casual Seller I Only Relist or List Items as Needed But Try to Space It Out

How often and when a seller should relist is affected by the kind of seller that they are.  If you are a fulltime seller who has a plan and a strategy for relisting, then relisting often is a good idea.  For the part time seller relisting at least one item a day is a good idea.   However, the causal seller should relist only when an items expires or around times when their items will be popular.

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