Solar Array Rio Grande Jewelry Head quarters

Rio's Parking Lot Solar Array!

I would like to give a major round of applause for Rio Grande right now.  Rio Grande one of the main vendors for jewelry supplies and tools has installed a solar array in their parking lot that will generate more then 1 megawatt when at full capacity!  This solar array is generating enough electricity to power 1000 homes!

In addition they built the array in the parking lot over the parking spots.  This will shade all the cars from the brutal New Mexico sun.  That means when people start their cars and turn on the AC the AC will not have to cool the car down from a possible 100+ degrees F but instead from a lower temperature.   This will also prevent the ground from absorbing the heat, which is another cause of global warming.

So I take my hat off to Rio Grande and Say a job well done!  In the future when I buy from you I will know I am supporting a progressive company that is taking some steps to help the world become a cleaner place.

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