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I Found This Item Using the Keyword Colorado

Etsy and other online vendors give you an option to list your location.  This doesn’t list your entire address, the option allows you list your city, state/region and country.  I am amazed at the number of sellers I see online that only list their country or don’t list anything at all.  There are many reasons why all sellers should list their location in entirety.   I understand not giving your personal mailing address.  However telling people generally where you are is a good idea for several reasons and your actual address can be protected by using a PO Box.

Makes Your Shop More Legitimate

The main reason to give your location is it makes your shop more legitimate.  If I go to a normal website a big factor of whether this page is legit or not is if they have a brick and mortar address.  Maybe not ever a full address but at least city, state and country.

I have even decided not to apply for jobs because the website was set up in a way in order not to tell where they were located.  I am sorry if you think your personal location should be considered private but to many buyers that might seem like your trying to hide something.   “If someone is hiding where they live then what else might they being hiding?” could be the thought that goes through a potential customers head.

For many honest sellers they like the idea that hiding their personal information is why they are attracted to selling on the Internet.  At the same time having your location listed helps customers build a relationship with you with you.  This listing also make you into more of a real person not just some data on the internet.  Giving up some personal information will allow your shop to appear more legitimate and give you most of the autonomy you really need.

Now what if you live in a small town or an area where people might be able to track you down.  Or you might be selling something you don’t want your neighbors to know about.  Well then having a shop name that hides your name is good a good idea.  Another good idea is not using you or your family members in your posting photos.  Lastly choosing a major city near you as the location is perfectly fine.  An example is if you live in Oakpark IL listing Chicago is perfectly acceptable if not smart.

Helps Attract Local Customers

Using the Geolocator Tool on Etsy

I Found This Dress Using the Shop Local Feature Set to Wisconsin

Many people that shop on Etsy are looking to buy something local.  If might be that they are on a time crunch.  Or it could be that they are looking to save money by picking up the item themselves.  If you want local customers to find you there is two main ways on Etsy.

The primary way on Etsy is with the Geolocator function.  This function allows Etsy to provide listings for customers located within a certain area.  The Geolocator uses your public location as the factor for where you belong within its location search.  It does not use the address you list as your shipping address for Etsy if you’re a seller.

So if your public location is listed as “Colorado” and someone searches “within 50 miles of Denver” your search will not appear as a result, even if you are located within that area.  Now if someone else searches “Colorado” your shop will appear. At the same time it would still appear if you listed “Denver, Colorado, USA” as your shop location.

Now another way to attract local customers is with keywords.  That means making your location as one of your tags when you post a new item.  You don’t need to do this with every item, just a few them.  That way when someone searches for “Chicago” within handmade item your item or items will pop up.  The same can be done with a few of your pieces with your shop name or maybe even personal name.  That way if someone searches your shop name or personal name some of your items will appear in your search

Helps Customers Bond With You More

As mentioned before your location being listed helps potential customers bond with you.  I am from Chicago, lived in Colorado and now currently living in Indiana.  If I come across sellers from those areas I have a soft spot for supporting them.  In general people like to support people that live in places they used to live in.

By listing your location you give people the chance to feel they know you.  Building relationships online is difficult with online selling and every chance you have to do it you should.  All of these little things add up to making a customer feel like they know you better and can trust you.


My Ring Can be Found Using the Key Word Indiana

My Ring Can be Found Using the Key Word Indiana

Listing a location is up to the seller.  In general I think it is a good idea to list it.  The second the customer receives the your package they will see the return address and know where it came from.  So if your paranoid about people finding out where you live once they get what they ordered in the mail the will know.  Just listing your city, state/region and country will go a long way to making your shop appear less shady and build relationships with your potential customers.

As a reminder you should protect your home address by using a PO Box.  That way the same information you have posted for the public on Etsy will be known to the customer and your actually address will remain hidden.

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