Replacing tanks is something you have to do on all torches.  The difficult part with replacing the tanks for the Smith Little Torch with a disposable propane and oxygen tank set up is there is no gauge.  So knowing when the tanks are getting low can be tough.

The propane tank actually changes in weight as the gas runs out so when it is getting low it is easy to deduce.  The oxygen tank on the other hand does not change in weight as it runs out.  The only warning you get before it completely runs out is the flame slowly changes to just propane.  Also this torch tends to use the oxygen much faster so you might want to buy extra oxygen tanks.

Another reason to buy extra oxygen tanks that it is easy to break the seal when installing the tank.  This will cause the gas to leak out much quicker, not dangerously so, but it will mean you will have to replace the tank sooner.

The first step is to remove the single-valve non-gauged regulator from the empty tank.  This is done by unscrewing the old tank and placing it away.  Remember with oxygen since there is no weight difference between an empty tank and a full tank to keep the old tank separate from the new one.  This will hopefully prevent confusion and wasting time.

The next step is to remove the plastic cap from the new tank.  You might have to use a tool to do this but it should come off easily.  Then check the single-valve non-gauged regulator that it is set to “Off.”  Then screw the tank on.  Do not do it too tightly because that can break the seal, which will cause all your gas to leak.

Once it is attached put the gas tank back in the holder.  Then try to light the torch, this might take a little longer because there will be more pressure then your used to.  If everything works fine then start doing your metal work!  If you did break the seal you will notice that the tank will run out after a couple of hours of being attached, not use.

There is nothing you can do to stop the leak.  Just go to the store and buy another tank.  If you do this to the propane tank remember to keep it away from any flame source.  I would place it outdoors to leak in order to prevent any inhalation issues.  For a demonstration of attaching a tank please watch the above video, ignore the part where I say screw the container on really tight.

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