An Image of the Tags on an Etsy Item

Here is what the Tags look like to a Customer for One of My Cuttlebone Cast Pendants

Tags are used heavily in the online world.  They are used on blog posts, shop items and even web pages themselves.  Tags for selling on Etsy help with the Etsy search feature.  Tags are extremely important because they will help visitors find your shop.

The basic layout of tags is pretty simple.  After writing the item description a seller is given the option of placing tags on an item.  Etsy will give some top level suggestions such as jewelry, clothing or vintage.   Then after that it will give a few more suggestions depending on what you selected first.

These suggested tags usually only fill the first 2 or 3 tags of a possible 14 tags.  After that it is up to you to come up with other tags to fill the remaining options.  It is best practice to always use all the tag spaces with relevant tags for your work.

What Are Tags

When you place tags on your items your creating an organization scheme to the item.  These tags help the Etsy search feature to find relevant items for that search request.  A piece with no tags will have a hard time ranking well in a search request.  Tags are also a good way to put in keywords that would be hard to fit into the item description.  It is also a good way to reinforce keywords used in the description.

If used properly tags can help attract additional visitors and customers to your shop.  If used improperly it will attract people to come to your shop that don’t have an interest in buying anything.  Take time to think about the proper tags.

Attracting Customers

Rhodochrosite Handmade Sterling Silver Earrings

For these Earrings I provided a tag for "pink." I also provided a tag for "Colorado" because Rhodochrosite is Colorado's State stone.

Tags are meant to help shoppers find your shop.  When creating tags it is best to think what would a costumer be looking for not an artist.  If the piece features one color heavily use that color as a tag.  Sometimes relisting materials in the tags makes since.

Don’t use technical jargon as tags because that will not attract customers.  Placing the tag “18 gauge sterling silver” won’t make since to most people, just write “sterling silver.”  Also use different spelling methods of the same word.  An example is using “handmade” and “hand made” as separate tags.  I also use my geographic location as a tag as a way to attract local customers.

Just remember to think, “What would a customer look for in order to search for a piece like this.”  Do not think what would you do to search for this piece.

Being Featured on the Homepage of Etsy

Vintage 60s Blue Double Breasted White Trim Sleeveless Mini Dress M

This dress features the great tags of stewardess and 1960s. I would consider adding flight attendant, airplane, pilot and airline as possible tags

Being featured on the home page of Etsy is a great way to generate traffic.  I learned recently that the people choosing the pieces for the homepage are very rushed.  They also tend to choose items around themes.

Before I give any hints on how to use tags remember you have to have GREAT PHOTOS in order to be considered for the homepage of Etsy.  They will not put up a boring or bad photo on the main page.  Also, I have never been featured on the main page, at least to my knowledge, and this is all information I learned from people that have been.

First think about large themes your piece might fit into.  Once again colors are good.  Many of the main page items are selected around a color theme.  If your item looks like it belongs in the future or in outer space, give that piece tags around that theme.  A few weeks ago I saw a front-page selection that was all nautical themes.  A few days ago the items that were featured had a back to school theme.  If there is a theme your piece belongs to make sure you place it in the tags.

Second, make it easy for possible selectors to find you.  They might be doing a “gone fishing” theme and you might have the perfect piece but if you don’t have the right tag they will not find you.  Example tags would be “fishing,” “fish” or “boating.”  Once again thinking about the larger themes your piece might fit into is really important.

Third, never pay to be promoted.  You can pay to have your pieces promoted but this is not on the homepage.  You might generate some traffic to your shop but rarely have I heard of it making a sale.  It would be better to take that money place it in other advertising areas like craftopolis, adsense or facebook ads.


Tags are important.  Thinking of the right tags takes time but after awhile you get the hang of it.  Going back and changing the tags on some older pieces is a good idea if you notice certain tags are not generating much traffic.  Just remember to take the time to think of good tags and use all 14 tags.

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